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International Primary School in Phnom Penh

Invictus International School in Phnom Penh offers an internationally recognised primary school program. Our campus empowers students to learn in both traditional and non-traditional settings, providing a holistic education delivered by our skilled educators. Learning should be fun and we seek to provide an enjoyable and enriching experience that allows them to deepen their understanding of the world and develop a lifelong love for learning. At Invictus we celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of every child.

With a maximum student to teacher ratio of 25:1 in the classroom, our goal is to foster a community where their learning experience is shaped through close interaction and every teacher knows your child by name.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Invictus utilizes the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is the curriculum of choice of over 1,800 schools in 90 countries around the world. At the heart of the IPC is a set of rigorous and holistic subject, personal and international learning goals. Connecting learning across these goals, are more than 130 theme and topic-based units of learning.

Subject goals in the IPC curriculum include Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Physical Education, Language Arts and Information & Communication Technology.

The school complements the International Primary Curriculum with rigorous Mathematics and language courses.

Singapore Mathematics Framework

Invictus utilises the Singapore Ministry of Education Mathematics Framework for our Mathematics courses. The framework is renowned worldwide for its comprehensive programme and used in many schools internationally. It aims to equip students with a level of mastery of mathematics that will serve them well in life while enabling them to pursue the subject at the highest levels if they have the interest and aptitude.

The Singapore Mathematics curriculum uniquely features a spiral design where topics are revisited and extended. At the small and tight circle of the spiral, a new mathematical topic is introduced. When a student progresses to the next level of the spiral, they revisit the topic and are introduced to related concepts that are more difficult.

The curriculum is also based on the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach which posits that people learn in three stages: through real objects, pictures and then symbols such as plus and minus signs. The CPA is well known for modelling mathematical problems with visual aids to build an understanding of concepts such as fractions, ratios and algebraic reasoning in a systematic way.

Global Environment

Invictus provides multilingual education so students gain a competitive edge in our global environment. Students have the option of lessons in English and French, English and Khmer, or English and Mandarin.

With over 40 nationalities on our campuses, our teachers recognize the importance of an inclusive environment and help ensure every student is known and that their learning needs are met. Our school year runs from August to June every year with a two week break in December.
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