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Our Campus/Facilities

Invictus International School Phnom Penh campus is situated centrally on prime land in the heart of town on Preah Norodom Boulevard. It is a large spacious building which was previously the venue of a university. It has plenty of space to accommodate the students and the facilities for students from Reception to Year 13.

We have 60 new classrooms (30 each for the Primary and Secondary) which can accommodate 25 students with enough space for movement and activities. Our children would definitely enjoy this new experience as they work individually or in groups. We have other facilities eg the large hall for assembly and sports, the beautiful library with creative corners for our children to enjoy reading and be immersed in the world of books and its imagination.

For the secondary, we have Physics, Biology and Chemistry laboratories for our students to conduct experiments.

The school is also Wi-Fi enabled for connectivity, and our students will be able to work at the laptops or computers easily.
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