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2024 - 2025 Academic Year Tuition Schedule

All fees are expressed in (USD). For 2023/24 tuition and fees, please contact our admissions office at 092 222 868 or via email at

One-time enrolment assessment fee (Y1-Y13)

New Students
One-time enrolment assessment feeUSD 100
One-time application feeUSD 1,000
Additional sibling application feeUSD 750

One-time Application Fee (for New Students)
This is a non-refundable and non-transferable one-time application fee. Please note that the school place will be considered secure only after the application fee has been received.

2024 - 2025 School Fees (for ALL Students)
Upon acceptance of the school place, the following School Fees are to be paid in full.

2024 - 2025 School Fees & Payment

Screenshot 2024-03-14 094154.jpg
  • Fees are non-transferable.
  • Material Fee does NOT include textbooks.

Sibling Discount on Tuition Fee

Sibling Discount*
Student 1 Sibling 1   Sibling 2   Sibling 3   Sibling 4
No discount 5%           10%             10%        10%

*Discount Structure
            i.    The discount will be given to the highest paying child if two (2) children
                  enroll at the same time.
           ii.   The discount will be given to the next child, if there is already an existing 
                 child enrolled in the school.

Withdrawal Policy

Refund Issuance Based on Term Commencement Date (Tuition Fee ONLY)
% of Tuition Fees to be RefundedIf Student's Written Notice of Withdrawal is Received:
100%60 days or more before the Course/Term Commencement Date
50%Between 30 and 59 days before the Course/Term Commencement Date
0%Less than 30 days before the Course/Term Commencement Date
0%On or after the Course/Term Commencement Date

Per our admission contract, refunds are guaranteed based on withdrawal date:

  • If you withdraw 60 or more days before the course/term commencement date, you are guaranteed a 100% refund.
  • If you withdraw less than 30 days before the course/term commencement date, you are guaranteed a 50% refund.
  • You will be responsible for paying the term fee if you decide to withdraw on or after the commencement date.

Miscellaneous Fees*

All fees are expressed in USD.
Apart from the above School Fees, the following Miscellaneous Fees may be payable.

Purpose of Fee Amount (Excl VAT, if any)(USD)
Co-Curricular Activities Students have the option to select up to 2 CCAs at no cost, with a maximum value of USD 20 per week.

For CCAs exceeding USD 20, the charges are as follows:
USD 10 (for in-house CCA) and USD 20 (for external CCA) per week (invoiced per term prior to the commencement of the activity)
Afterschool Care (2.00 - 4.30PM) USD 7 for one hour (charged per day)
USD 65* per set (upon purchase of uniform)
Bank / Transfer Charges USD 20 - USD 200* (varies between banks)
IT Equipment Fee (iPad/MacBook)
USD 2,000* Applicable only if student chooses to purchase via lnvictus
Academic Field Trips USD 100 - USD 1,000* (depending on destination)
*Prior to activity commencement
Report Copy Fee (optional) USD 10.00 for a paper copy*
*Prior to issuance of the report
Reissuance of Student ID USD 5
SnackUSD 1.50 per day (invoiced per month)
 LunchUSD 3.25 - $3.75 per day (based on age, invoiced per term)
*These are estimated amounts which will be finalized prior to procurement/payment.

*All School Fees and other fees mentioned are subject to change. Please note that any adjustments will be communicated in advance.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms

  • The School Fees and Miscellaneous Fees are to be paid in full upon invoicing.
  • All fees are in USD and all payments must be made in USD. 
  • Fees are payable via the following options:

Payment Options

1. Bank Transfer (For School Fees and Miscellaneous Fees)*:
Beneficiary Bank: Advanced Bank of Asia Limited
Swift Code: ABAAKHPP
Account Number (USD): 002905365
*Please state the student’s name and year level as reference to ensure correct identification of each remittance.

2. Cheque (For School Fees and Miscellaneous Fees):
All cheques should be “crossed” to INVICTUS CAMBODIA CO LTD. Post-dated cheques are not accepted. Please state the student’s name and year level as reference on the back of cheques to ensure correct identification of each remittance.

3. Cash (for Miscellaneous Fees only):
Payment by cash may only be completed at the Reception Counter during school hours, from Mondays to Fridays, 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., excluding public holidays.

Outstanding Payments

Students with outstanding fees may have their school privileges suspended. If any payment remains upon withdrawal from the school, no transcripts, transfers, or other records will be released until full payment is received.