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Words from our Parents

Win Zaw
If you are looking for a reputable international school in Phnom Penh with affordable tuition fees, I would strongly recommend this for several reasons:
  1. Curriculum, School management, and their back-office system that parents can track their kid’s activities/payments, appointments, etc.
  2. Great location despite limited parking space, but not necessary since you just need to drop off your kids. 2 minutes away from Independence Monument. 
  3. Good payment system for school fees.
  4. After-school physical activities for your kid. 5) Outdoor activities for interacting with different industries, such as joining funfairs, educational day trips, and more.
Breanne Orndorff
We just finished our first year at Invictus and I can’t brag enough about my kid’s teachers, teaching assistance, and admin. The improvements I’ve seen in just one short year leaves me excited to see what’s next for this great school. If you’re looking for a school, come and take a tour.
Sarah Chhin
I am so glad I moved my children to study at Invictus! My eldest has won a place at a UK University after studying AS and A levels, and my youngest is looking forward to studying an interesting and well-rounded selection of IGCSE subjects. I particularly commend the leadership team for their strong communication and the way they encourage parent participation. The school did go through a 4 month period of uncertain management in 2022, but that is far behind - this year, Invictus has grown from strength to strength on all levels. I'm very much looking forward to my children using all the new facilities and resources that are planned to be ready for the new school year starting in August. A really great option for international education in Phnom Penh!