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Science Teacher

Job Overview

You will play a key role in providing our students with an enriched learning experience, nurturing their intellectual and social domains and preparing them for lifelong learning. You will plan and deliver education programmes in order to foster holistic learning and development for the children and be involved in parent and community engagement.

Job Responsibilities

Areas of Key Focus

  • Organise and execute education programmes to encourage holistic development
  • Support the development and implementation of teaching and learning approaches and resources, as well as ways to better the learning experiences for the students
  • Prepare learning materials and conduct age-appropriate programmes
  • Provide a positive learning environment and ensure the children's well-being and safety
  • Using assessment information to plan progression for the differing needs of learners in the class
  • Use of appropriate assessment tools for formative and summative assessment to plan the progression for the differing needs of the children.
  • Monitor document and assess students learning and growth
  • Engage parents and partners in education to be involved in the learning and development of the children

What We Are Looking for in a Teacher

  • Loves and enjoys teaching students
  • Cheerful and pleasant disposition/demeanour
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to engage children
  • Nurturing and dedicated to the development and well-being of children
  • Actively engages in teacher learning and professional development
  • Works collaboratively with stakeholders and colleagues in the Invictus community


  • Minimum 2 to 3 years of teaching experience
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised/accredited university
  • A Teaching degree or diploma (or equivalent)
  • Experience in teaching in an international school (preferred)
  • Experience in teaching Cambridge Secondary or Cambridge IGCSE (preferred)
  • English – (Native English Speaker)