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International Nursery & Reception (Kindergarten) in Phnom Penh

Invictus School in Phnom Penh is a co-educational day school that offers international education for Nursery and Reception (Kindergarten). We seek to develop learners who are imaginative, innovative, inspiring, investigative, international, interested in the world and unique individuals. The school fosters a nurturing environment for students to develop a lifelong love of learning in an inclusive and collaborative community. We couple rigorous learning with engagement while ensuring that students develop strong multicultural awareness. Our holistic curriculum is delivered by skilled educators and accessible to all. Invictus utilises the United Kingdom Early Years Foundation Stage (UK EYFS) curriculum for our Nursery and Reception classes, which is part of the national curriculum used in the UK. It covers various areas of learning including communication and language, understanding the world, personal, social and emotional development, physical development, literacy, mathematics and expressive arts and design. The curriculum is focused on the understanding that every child is unique, always learning, and has the potential to be resilient, confident, self-assured and capable. Each child is given the opportunity to learn by interacting in positive relationships and enabling environments. Teachers observe and understand the way each child learns while responding to their needs, interests and feelings. Children learn to be independent and are supported in their learning through positive relationships with their educators. The curriculum uses games and play to allow teachers to assess progress and plan the next steps for each individual child. Children learn best in enabling environments where educators and parents work together to ensure their experiences respond to their unique needs. The UK EYFS curriculum sets a strong foundation for students to progress onto the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in primary school. Invictus International School offers unique bilingual options for our learners in English and Khmer, English and French, and English and Mandarin to give them a competitive advantage in our increasingly globalised world. Book a school tour to learn more about the Kindergarten at Invictus International School (Phnom Penh).
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