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Cambridge A-levels

Invictus International School offers a rigorous and internationally-recognised secondary school curriculum at our Centrium campus. Students receive a holistic education delivered by our skilled educators as they are equipped with subject knowledge, personal traits and international perspectives that set them up for success as they mature into young adults in our evolving world.

Here at Invictus, we recognise that all students learn at a different pace, with different styles and different needs. We believe children should be challenged in an environment where learning is joyful and irresistible. They should learn respect and equality, understand the importance of caring for others and their environment by example and through authentic learning experiences, and they should become entrepreneurs of their own future, with the skills to adapt to a rapidly and exponentially changing world.

Cambridge International A-Levels (Advanced Level)

The Cambridge International A-Levels qualification enables students to apply to most universities globally and universities grant offers based on the grades achieved. It is conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education in the United Kingdom.

Most degree courses in university require specific A-Levels for entry, although A-Levels have no specific requirements. Most students take between 3-4 A-Level subjects and university offers are based on the subject grades of 3 A-Level subjects.

We empower your children to learn in a variety of settings while our experienced educators understand the needs of expatriate children living and going to school in Singapore. Your children will undergo a world-class curriculum while achieving internationally-recognised qualifications that enable them to apply for admission to universities anywhere in the world.

Subject Selection

  • Mathematics
  • BiologyChemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Global Perspectives & Research
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Music
  • Chinese Language (AS-Level only)
  • Chinese Language (A-Level only)

Speak to our admissions team to find out about the various subjection combinations on offer.

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